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Marc Judor has been exploring digital experiences and sensitive architecture for almost 20 years. 

Since he was a little boy, he loved the feeling of adventure, the thrill of exploring unknown worlds. His vision is to connect, people, worlds, emotions and technologies.  His work tries to put the light on things we don’t see but nevertheless exist and he tries to create an emotional understanding of those different dimensions of our realities.

He is mostly inspired by nature and technology, the infinitely big and the infinitely small, attraction and reaction, but also influenced by quantum physics where the invisible defines the real world with all things being first an evanescent wave before becoming solid matter.

To create his visual and interactive animations, Marc Judor uses mapping tools, projectors, screens, and all kinds of sensors combined with noble materials like steel or wood to create special immersive and interactive animations in public places.

Marc Judor: Parcours

Emotions and experiences are the only true reality

Marc Judor: Citation



Marc Judor: Texte
Marc Judor: Œuvres


DOCUMENTA FIFTEEN, Kassel, Germany, June - September 2022

"One strong inspiration for this animation is the bioluminescent world that can be found in very rare nature sanctuaries in the world.

I wanted to reproduce the feeling you have passing through a plankton bench. On the floor, through the use of giant interactive mapping lamps, we will be able to trigger an action, and make the virtual “soil plankton” appear the same way it appears in the sea.

We will merge sea and soil ! And change perceptions a bit like Magritte had done it with the blue orange earth.

Ultimately my goal is to surprise and amaze but also emphasize the fact that what we see is only one part of the reality. The different dimensions are not always accessible at first sight…"

Marc Judor: Texte

Marc Judor's works

Lampe Hidden Reality

Hidden reality

Documenta fifteen, Kassel, Germany, 2022

Interactive concept inspired by the bioluminescent world.

Special thanks to Yann Ponier, Studio Muybridge and Mon Lumi



Ile Seguin, Paris, France, 2019

Facade projections on the history of the Ile Seguin

Installation immersive

Your land

Private collection, Paris, France, 2018

Dynamic, immersive and interactive mapping concept.



One hair

Private collection,  Düsseldorf, Germany, 2020

Interactive sculpture of a hair

Credits Celine Guenancia - Garage Fourgon

Marc Judor: Expositions


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